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Multimodal Learning 

We utilize a multi-sensory language approach that integrates various activities such as movement, games, play, songs, rhythms, storytelling, and, when age-appropriate, reading and writing.


The Mission

Our mission with Amigos Míos is to create a solid foundation of language learning and bilingual literacy that engages children, family, and educators through an interactive curriculum; thus empowering youth, promoting family engagement through learning and providing beneficial professional development.

Amigos Míos reinforces language learning by focusing on 3 major learning styles to reach children. 

  • We see colorful visual aids and interactive videos 
  • We listen and speak through interactive songs and frequent repetition of vocabulary and phrases
  • We do movement and hands-on activities
  • Each lesson incorporates STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as well as literacy. 

Amigos Míos is created to set a solid foundation for language learning and bilingual literacy.


The outcomes for evaluation include: 

  • Auditory and Visual comprehension of basic commands, phrases, verbs, nouns, and adjectives associated with each study
  • Ability to respond to simple interrogative phrases appropriately
  • Pronunciation of vocabulary
  • Cultural exposure through hands on activities such as food experiences and workshops

What we provide


Our Services

Services for Daycares and Schools
Private Language (Curriculum Corresponding to Childhood Learning Standards)
Illinois Early


Our Sessions

15 minutes infants 15 minutes toddlers
30 minutes preschool 30 minutes elementary


Our Flexibility

Ability to adapt to your individual center! Class times and scheduling varies on the best needs of your center.


Our Rates

Minimum 1 hour per session. No maximum! We can visit as many classrooms as your center has. 12 student maximum per class.

Our Staff

Our team comprises of certified Spanish teachers who are either native speakers or have mastered the language fluently. Our instructors are dynamic, enthusiastic, fun, compassionate, and effective in their teaching approach. They are trained and knowledgeable in various aspects of language instruction and acquisition. We use research-proven techniques to teach Spanish, emphasizing the use of the language as much as possible while ensuring comprehension. Additionally, we adopt multi-level teaching methods to challenge all students, regardless of their proficiency level, to go beyond their current knowledge.

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